Project Meetings

I-66 Public Information Meeting- March 6, 2007
The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Department of Highways, held a public information meeting on March 6, 2007 for the first design section of a new I-66 route connecting US 23 in Pike County, Kentucky to the King Coal Highway in Mingo County, West Virginia (click here to view more meeting pictures). This first design section begins at Upper Chloe Creek and ends just past KY 194. The public information meeting was held in the cafeteria of Pike Central High School (click here to see handout). A video was also shown describing the project development process that led to this meeting . Maps were displayed showing the proposed alignment and preliminary right of way lines .

I-66 Public Information Meetings- June 20 and 21, 2001
The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Department of Highways, held public information meetings on June 20 and 21, 2001 for the Pike / Mingo County segment of I-66. At these meetings a handout (click here to see handout) was given to the public which gave a brief description of the project and a map showing the corridors for this segment of I-66. The transportation cabinet also provided maps showing these alignments and had staff available to answer any questions from the citizens.

I-66 ACT Meeting No.5 Pikeville Public Library Pikeville, Ky. - May 1, 2001
The fifth I-66 ACT meeting, at the Pikeville Public Library, was held to discuss the alignments, upcoming public meeting questionnaires, and present the newsletter. A presentation was made showing the ACT team the alignments that were chosen at the 70 mph field review. The next phase of the design will utilize these alignments with possible design exceptions for steeper grades. Interchange configurations and locations were also presented. A draft copy of the newsletter and the questionarie were distrubuted to the team members for their comments.

I-66 Public Information Meeting - January 18, 2001
The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Department of Highways, held a Public Information Meeting for the proposed Pike County, Kentucky and Mingo County, West Virginia segment of Interstate 66. There were approximately 289 attendees at this meeting.

This public meeting was scheduled to afford all interested persons the opportunity to obtain information and exchange ideas on this project at an early point in project planning and development. This meeting was utilized to identify the range of alternatives and the significant impacts and issues to be addressed in the Environmental Impact Statement which the Transportation Cabinet and the FHWA intend to prepare for the project.

I-66 ACT Meeting No. 4 Pikeville Public Library Pikeville, KY - November 16, 2000
The purposes of this meeting were to: (1) select the two "Best" alignments (1000' wide corridors) to be fully investigated in the environmental assessment / preliminary engineering phase beginning in December 2000, and continuing until an Environmental Impact Statement has been signed, tentative date January 2002, and (2) determining the method for exposing these two "Best" alignments to the general public.
The I-66 ACT members unanimously agreed with the preliminary "Best" Alignments as outlined in the PowerPoint presentation. The ACT members also agreed that a public meeting in Pikeville in January 2001 was the best way to share the alignments with the public.

Click Here to view a converted web version of the Powerpoint Presentation .

The Powerpoint presentation used at this meeting is available to download. You must have Powerpoint, Powerpoint player, or a compatible plug-in for your browser to view this presentation.

Click Here to download the presentation in Powerpoint format (17+ megabytes).

I-66 Appalachian Corridor Team Meeting No. 3 - June 29, 2000
The third I-66 ACT meeting was again held at the Sturgis Conference Center on the Pikeville College campus. A presentation was made summarizing the results of the questionnaires returned at the public meetings. 92 responses were received from 172 attendees at the Pike County, Kentucky public meeting. 40 responses were received from 65 attendees at the Mingo County, West Virginia meeting. Based on the summary of comments received, the members of I-66 ACT discussed where potential corridors could be eliminated. Supporting engineering and environmental data was provided by the consultant team in the selection of segments to be eliminated from further consideration. A discussion was held regarding the factors used in the final decision matrix for corridor selection. Members of I-66 ACT were asked to rank the factors in the decision matrix in order to develop a final ranking of factors by priority.

Public Meeting - June 7 & 8, 2000
Two early public meetings were held to present information regarding the status of the project. The first meeting was held at Pike Central High School in Pike County, Kentucky on June 7, 2000. The second meeting was held at the Herbert Akers Community Center in Red Jacket in Mingo County, WV. At these two public meetings, presentations were made to describe project history, corridor location, purpose and need, geometric standards, access control, and the project schedule. Maps were handed out showing proposed line segments delineated with nodes at intersections of alignments. A general description of each of the 23 segments considered was also provided. Members of I-66 ACT handed out copies of the questionnaire and encouraged all attendees to fill them out.

I-66 Appalachian Corridor Team Meeting No. 2 - May 18, 2000
The second meeting of I-66 ACT was also held at the Sturgis Conference Center. Members of I-66 ACT came prepared to discuss comments they had received in the week following the last meeting. Several comments were made and changes within the corridors were discussed. The questionnaire proposed for distribution at the public meeting was discussed.

I-66 Appalachian Corridor Team Meeting No. 1 - May 11, 2000
The first meeting of the I-66 Appalachian Corridor Team was held in the Sturgis Conference Center on the Pikeville College campus. At this meeting a presentation was made summarizing the history of the Southern Kentucky Corridor (I-66), the project purpose and need statement, proposed typical sections, geometric standards, and the project schedule. Each I-66 ACT member was challenged to discuss the project with their neighbors and show them an 18"x22" vicinity map that was created showing potential corridors and interchange locations for the project.

Partnering Workshop - April 28, 2000
A Partnering Workshop was held at the Jenny Wiley State Park Lodge and involved all members of the I-66 Appalachian Corridor Team. The purpose of the meeting was to allow team members to get acquainted and discuss the basic principles of partnering. During the workshop, the I-66 Appalachian Corridor Team created a team name, developed a mission statement, discussed methods for conflict resolution, and developed a consensus on the team's goals for this I-66 project.

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